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Wiki Topics for consideration

  • File Uploads
    • Al requests: Do we allow file uploads to the wiki? It's turned off
    • Josh answers: a big yessir to this!
  • SSL - Currently we don't have https so all authentication to this wiki is over plain http. Should we use https?
    • Al: Can someone create a SSL configuration for Apache? Out of the wikimaster's hands :)
    • Josh answers: I don't see a burning need for SSL
  • What official pages do we need?
    • jmglov suggests:
      • Meetings pages?
      • Officers page
    • Edward answer: wouldn't this stuff be better on the main page that way we could solve the rss issues as well.
  • RSS
    • What type of RSS?
    • Look at the top of Recent Changes. It has Atom and RSS already
      • zev: Yes, but if we were to make a meetings page that lists the meetings then we could do an RSS feed by adding these parameters to the URL "action=histroy&feed=rss", but I that would just be the edits of that page. I would like to have the actuall details of each meeting be a unique entry in the feed. A very shallow look on the MediaWiki help pages seems to point to Wikipedia scraping the pages and then making an external feed for that...

Completed Topics

  • Permissions Wringing - Permissions need to be (thoroughly) tested to be sure the implementation matches the policy.
    • Al: I think the permissions are working. Everyone please check.
  • Prettier URLS?
    • YES!
    • Action Paths might help
    • jmglov: (withdrawn) Along these lines, I recommend we make the page naming convention CamelCase, instead of the current Delimit_Words_With_Underscores conventions. What say ye?
      • zev: Why would we want to do that? I see we would loose the ability to express Topic titles that have spaces in them?
    • At the very least let's trash the index.php header. See:
    • Al: Need someone with web-admin rights who can configure the apache config. I don't have apache config rights.. Josh??
  • Logo - We need a TLUG specific wiki logo. Which one should we use?
    • How about our current TLUG penguin?
      • Al: Updated
  • Admin only access section of Wiki? I want to document various admin related things. Some should be public, but some might not be appropriate?
    • Al: This has been implemented. Start documenting!
    • Such as server software to monitor for security patches
  • Time stamps in JST !!!!(Can we fix this soon?)
  • Get the rest of the Wiki Admins online
    • Al: Done at hackathon
    • jmglov suggests:
      • List policy / FAQ
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